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[Drama] [Watch Online] [Eng Subs] Crazy Romance All Episodes

Spackman Entertainment Group's Upcoming Film, CRAZY ROMANCE ...

Story depicts a romance between Jae-Hoon (Kim Rae-Won) and Sun-Young (Kong Hyo-Jin). Jae-Hoon got dumped by his fiancé a month ago, but he still has not gotten over that. Meanwhile, Sun-Young broke up with her boyfriend, who cheated on her. Jae-Hoon and Sun-Young begin to work together.

Name: Crazy Romance
Original name: The Most Common Date | 가장 보통의 연애
Director: Kim Han-Gyul
Cast: Kim Rae-Won, Kong Hyo-Jin, Kang Ki-Young
Release year: 2019
Runtime: 109 min
Status: Complete
Country: Korean
Subtitles: English
Genre: Comedy, Romance

[Drama] [Watch Online] [Eng Subs] Crazy Romance


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