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[Review] Soft and Cute Glitter Brushes!


These brushes are really good. I think they are beautiful and well made. The materials look very resistant, and the brush area is very soft. The colors are perfectly combined to make it look girly and cute, it has a sparkle in the purple area. In the photos that area looks blue but is really a color more soft like purple Lavanda. It comes with a black back that protects the brushes. For me, this bag is very convenient as I like to take care well of my makeup products and instruments. The package brings 7 brushes covered in plastic bags each one to protect them. I think these brushes are really a good combo to buy, and I will really use them a lot. Finally, I want to say that they are so pretty and soft than other brushes that I have and for this price is a really good purchase. I will definitely buy others for my friends.


*edit* If you want to purchase it go to our store and DM us, we have met the designers and now we can sell them on our store.



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