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At 25 years old…


Several days ago it was my birthday. That day I thought about all the situations, the people, the moments, the decisions that had brought me right to the moment in which the clock changed to the date when I was born 25 years ago.

At 25 years old I understood that whoever enters your life, just like at home, is a simple guest.

And, I must thank my inner self for being so positive even in the worst moments. To that state of inner calm that appears when there are no other options and that it is useless to get angry or get even angrier with others. This year I only lost my temper three times, and in those moments I could not think at all, I was very angry.

Every year that passes, I know myself better. And today, something that could make me lose my calm just slipped and I thought  everything has a solution. The hours passed and I was right, there is no need to change my mood. My brain controls my emotions, even love and forgetting can be controlled.

But I will write about that topic in another publication.

Today I want to express what I have understood about the people that enter our lives. In these 25 years of existence in my life have entered people who have contributed so much, and others that seem to tear the soul with just words. I believe that we give others the option to enter our lives simply because we do not want to be alone or because of boredom or curiosity. Nevertheless,

we must choose what kind of people we allow to enter our lives.

I know it’s silly to write it down and maybe you already know it, but I, truthfully, always give people opportunities. I am generous and I love making friends because I love helping and sharing happiness. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that others only approach for interest, because I only approach a person for the mere fact of knowing another person not because of what he/she has or says he/she has, or the benefits that this person can access. But there are people in the world who only move for interest.

I grew up in a small city with good friends and a good family. I did not understand that concept, but when I moved from town I could see it clearly. As I mature, and meet different types of people, I admire myself more and I love myself more so I feel more proud of myself and value myself even more.

Now I will not let anyone into my life without invitation.

I will meet more people in my life some will stay and others will leave. However, anyone who wants to stay in my life must show that he/she wants to be in it with facts.

Being a writer I know that words are worthless if you do not know how to read, therefore actions are worth a lot. And our life, our path and our efforts are not elements that someone will understand right away, and if the person does not have the slightest intention to continue by your side you will realize that their actions will prove it.

Please, do not be like me, I always think about how others will feel. And that I never want to take anyone out of my life even if it’s necessary.

Because I moved to other country, there are not so many close people nearby. Please, do not be like me, I always think about how others will feel and I never want to take anyone out of my life even if it’s necessary. This year I have taken many people out of my life because of the realization that they only take my time but do not contribute and, if that was not enough, they exhaust and poison my mood.

At 25 years of age, I understand that I am unique, endowed with all the gifts of the universe. With an iron will to achieve everything I set my mind to. I learned that nobody can make me feel less, neither by my roots, gender, nor by ANYTHING.

At 25 years old, I love my body, I take care of it and I respect it. And who does not like it or criticizes it should wear glasses and see me shine.

At 25 years old, and almost 7 years after starting EverythingWebs, I know that nothing is impossible, and that DREAMS CAN COME TRUE if you have the courage, the will power and the ambition to achieve them.

Thanks to all those 12k little people and those two little eyes that read me now, and they have read my words during these 7 years. I hope to fill you with a lot of encouragement and to make you realize that you are unique, that your time in this world is short and that you have the will to achieve everything. Do not forget that we were created in the image and likeness of the greatest God. The time that is invested hating or depressed is time that we lost. The only important thing is to be happy now, to feel it to expand the feeling and achieve everything that we want haha.

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and 
You are MY EVERYTHING ♥ Muakkkkkk: *


Chemy ♥

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