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[Review] ¡Fullight Tech Meat WirelessDigital Remote Thermometer!

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Hi, I wanted to make a review about this thermometer because I found it very helpful when we have to cook meat. It’s perfect for chefs and restaurants to make the perfect dish. It also measures the temperature of lamb, pork, turkey, ham, and so on.

► It comes in a box with: 
– 2 Probes.
– 1 Stand.
– 1 Thermometer.
– 1 Letter.
– 1 Quick start guide.


► Pros♥:

  • It’s wireless, digital and remote.
  • It has a big screen and different modes.
  • It has 4 different tastes of meat: medium, well cooked, med rare, etc.
  • It has a timmer and alarm.
  • It brings a blue light that you can turn on when you want.
  • The materials are very good. It seems durable.
  • It’s not heavy.
  • You can plug it in your bell, for easy transport.
  • The design of the thermometer is very good and practical.
  • The thermometer and the stand use 2 batteries (4 AA batteries) that are easy to find.
  • It works well with the hit and it measures the temperature of the food very well.

► ConsT_T:

  • It’s not chargeable.
  • The thermometer and the stand use 2 batteries (4 AA batteries).
  • It doesn’t bring the batteries.
  • The box design is very simple (just to quote it).

Well I hope you find this review helpful, this product is really good, that’s why I wanted to make this post. Even if you are not a chef or you do not own a restaurant you can use it like me to cook at the exact temperature so the dish turns out well prepared.

See you on the next post 😉


Chemy ♥

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