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{Tutorial} How to use Instagram on your PC / Computer to upload photos?

To use Instagram from your computer, laptop, pc, etc. And upload photos as if you were from your cell phone, you should only:

  • Log in to
  • Log in.
  • Right click.
  • Choose Inspection option. (As seen in the image)
    como, subir,fotos, a, instagram, desde, pc
  • In the window that opens, give the two screen button next to Elements / Elements.como, subir, fotos, a, instagram, desde, mi, computadora
  • And ready!! You can use the IG from your pc 😀 If you upload the photo you leave only try twice because the second is already normal.

anime, gif, dancing, exited, xxx

I hope you enjoy it as I do because it makes life easier for us bloggers or community manager xD And also for those who lose their cell phone XD

emily, romeo, ulzzang, korea

Chemy ❤

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